The Warehouse Racing Game

The games logo more cover art in the future

About The Game

The game is massive open world single-player or multilayer game. You choose from 5 main “jobs”. the player can choose all 5 or none and come back at  later date to choose one. The world is alive with various things todo, from heists to gambling in the casinos, street races and other various activitie. We will go in more depth in the future!

Clothing and Cars

The cars, aircraft, bikes and sea going vehicles are all made up from real manufactures and ones we have created! At this moment we have Rezvani Motors as a fully licensed car and Inferno Automobili waiting for further development.

Clothing will be from existing clothing company’s as well as our own in game companies. 

Activities and “Jobs”

Through out the world there will be a lot of activites for the player to enjoy. This includes working out, eating, gambling, street and track racing, heists, all of which are in the open world at all times. The player can host a private lobby for track racing and can host car meets and street races with varying buy-in’s.

The “Jobs” are mainly for two factions you can choose( cops and military). They have specific jobs that will come up. Example: military will be asked to transport vehicles from base to base. Example: cops will have tickets and to stop drug trafficking, prostitution and more! 

The Plan

We are very vocal here and will give as many updates as we can. across all of our games that we will be developing and publishing in the future, they will have no micro tranactions, instead there will be DLC but only when the game is fully finished and all content we have planned is in the game. The games wilol launch in Game Preview on Xbox and Early Access on PC. in the future we will be doing a kickstarter for the game.